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Man With Money (Don & Phil Everly) Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.

From the A Quick One liner notes by Chris Charleworth with additions by Brian Cady:

Recorded at IBC and Pye No. 2 Studios, Aug. 30-31, 1966.

This song was originally recorded by The Everly Brothers for their Beat And Soul album, released in August 1965. It also appeared on the B-side of the Everly's single 'Love Is Strange' later that year, which is probably where The Who first heard it.

Previously unreleased.

Engineered by Paul Clay.

The early Who were very influenced by the 1960's Everly Brothers and got a number of arrangements from their Beat and Soul and Rock 'n' Soul albums.

This track was also recorded for the BBC and was often played in their live set around this time.


She wants a man with lots of money,
not a poor boy,
He buys her things she calls him honey,
she calls me poor boy,
What good could it do,
to give a love pure and true,
when any fool could understand,
she thinks that money makes the man,

She wants a man with lots of money,
not a poor boy,
She wants the things she'll buy with money,
not a poor boy,
a man with money,man with money,man with money,

Just down the street,
I know a place
When they're asleep,
I'll cover my face,
I'll break the lock,open the door,
I'll slip inside, I'll rob the store,

Then I'll be a man with lots of money,
not a poor boy,
I'll buy her things, she'll call me honey,
not a poor boy,
A man with money, man with money, man with money, man with money

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
A Quick One - CD Reissue 2:45
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