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1  Do you know how to reach a member of the band or it's management
    Preview: This site is a fan site and does not have any specific information on contacting the band or their management. Our Pete biograph ...
2  What are their birthdays?
    Preview: Roger's is March 1st (1944), John's is October 9th (1944), Pete's is May 19th (1945) and Keith's is August 23rd (1946) (not 1947, ...
3  How did they meet?
    Preview: Pete and John met as students at Acton County Grammar School in 1959. Roger, also a student, approached John about being the bassi ...
4  How did Pete come up with his "windmill" guitar style? When did he start smashing his guitar?
    Preview: Pete adapted the windmill from a move Keith Richard was using to open The Rolling Stones stage act which Pete saw when The Detours ...
5  What was Pete's 1st song?
    Preview: The first song covered by anybody was "It Was You", which was recorded but never released by The Detours (but was released by The ...
6  How did they come up with the name The Who?
    Preview: It was suggested by Pete's friend Richard Barnes during a late-night session to rename The Detours in February 1964. One story has ...
7  How did Keith Moon join the band?
    Preview: The Who forced their old drummer Doug Sandom to leave the band and were searching for a replacement. Moon joined the band in May 1 ...
8  What's this legendary 21st birthday party of Keith's I hear about?
    Preview: On August 23, 1967, Decca held a 21st birthday party for Keith at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan. It has been written in the p ...
9  Why are The Who also known as The High Numbers?
    Preview: The Who were renamed The High Numbers between June and November of 1964 by their then manager Pete Meaden who also wrote their one ...
10  What are the circumstances of Keith's death?
    Preview: He died the morning after an overnight on the town, from a combination of alcohol and drugs he was taking to lessen his alcohol de ...
11  What are the differences between the Who's orignal version of "Tommy," and the movie and play?
    Preview: 1. There are significant lyric changes in both the movie and play. In the movie the most obvious are "1921," which is changed to " ...
12  What's up with the stuttering on My Generation?
    Preview: Depending what Who member you ask what year, you get different answers. Some explanations are: 1. Symbolic of the "everyman" ...

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