THE WHO FAN CLUB, Box 202, P.O. BRUNSWICK, Victoria , 3056.


Well it was hoped that you'd be receiving a newsletter in a shorter interval of tine than this, unfortunately I hadn't received one and that is why.

BIG SHOW. None of my words could ever paint this uncondoned event in history, - it was really " much too much "- referring to our boys, of course.

BIG SHOW, - from Kathi Burr in S.A.

The WHO/Snall Faces/Paul Jones show was by far the best show seen. The questions were fabulous, a lot better than I thought, Paul was tremendous, The Faces were not as good as I thought they would be, but were still great and last but by no means least, - THE WHO, who were absolutely marvellous. They are a lot better on stage than they are on record. They reproduced the exact sound of their records, their harmony was perfect.

They started off with Substitute, then came Pictures of Lily, Summertime Blues, Tattoo, Happy Jack, I'm a Boy, Shaking all Over, A Quick One While He's Away and finished up with one of my favourites - My Generation. -


Kathi Burr, who has been doing the Australian Fan Club for 18 nonths, is now giving it up. It's depressing to see Kathi do this as she has done so much to establish the fan club, despite financial difficulties and barely any co-operation from England. We are not certain who will be taking over, yet.

THE WHO. I fortunately got to meet the boys and they were just facinating, friendly etc. etc., and it is still as difficult as ever to admit a favourite, even after meeting them. We gave them a Koala fron the fan club, it was 2 ft. high and had a little one on its back. On the whole it was beautiful. and they were extremely pleased and grateful for it. Seeing that we could only afford one, it will be kept in their offices in London.

TOUR. All of you would have read reports of the tour. Journalists have summed it up by putting into use, degrading epithets with which they seemingly attempted to entice the public. We've no comment to make on this as it is definate that this unfavourable publicity was not conducive to making the WHO any less sensational amongst their fans.


It was Roger's birthday on March 1st., he was 23 and spent it in the States. We doubt if anything other than just a card was sent over. Pete's birthday is also coming up - 19th. May for a change, it would be appreciated if members cared to donate something, just to help.things along.


On the day the boys got back to England from the States they spent the afternoon in Kit Lamberts' Secretary's Office and she made 26 cups of Tea between them. Good to get some proper tea they said, not made from Tea Bags, Sue quickly retreated and hid her box of tea bags......

Why does Pete buy records, go into the office, play 5 secs. of them and leave them behind... Roger is selling his Aston and buying a Marcos... John keeps dreaming of being chased by a gorilla.... Lots of famous faces liking THE WHO at Saville... Keith bought a fringy suede jackets in the States... Keith put cough drops in John's cup of tea, John not to be beaten fished them out and deposited them in Keith's packet of ciggies. What will they get up to next. Keith let off a smoke bomb in the middle of a crowded street... .According to Pete, John has a psychedelic naval... According to Steve Marriot, THE WHO are a fabulous bunch of Geezers..... Ronnie Lane and Pete Townahend good friends... Pete might marry this year..



This is just IT. The long awaited new album, with which no WHO fam should do without.

There has never been a record in History to conpair with this and its doubtful if there ever will be. The cover is sensational and a great knockover from the psychedelic jumble. It is an Album we've all been waiting for and should have greate pride in owning it.

Pete's favourites on Sellout are "Relax" and "Rael".

Tom Gilhooley, a member of our Fan Club is rather reminiscent of one of our boys. In fact Tom looks very much like John, and we gave him a record for that, in return he has given us a comment on one of the track of "A QUICK ONE".


This is really single material as it is quite commercial. The vocal harmonies are excellent, very "Beach Boys" the song itself has a driving, rythme pattern which makes it easy to remember. The guitar break is good, using the distortion to full advantage. This,is very good WHO material.

You would have by now heard the WHO's grand new record....How about buying it so not to make it, in Melbourne, their fourth successful flop since "Pictures of Lily". Here are extractions of what some members thought of. -


Nat as good as their others but I like it, it's catchy....Fantastic, very good bass and lead It's good naturally.... They come up with something different, just great.....Strikes me like lightening, really love it....Good up to their standard.....I like it, It'll be a hit.....Not as good as the rest, it could have been better.


Not as good as earlier ones. Good record but it lacks something...Good record....Not quite as good as their other singles, but better tham some records by other groups, the backing is different to what they usually have, a great harmony... I don't like it, it doesn't suit them.... I'm rapt in it, especially John's harmonising..... It's alright, they've had better records.... That's good, I like it.


At the moment we're still unable to send you photo's but please be patient. We know what it is like to belong to a fan club and not get what you're promised. However, we'll try to definately have them next time.

Well I'd better close now, please accept our apology if you couldn't bear it, or let us know, we'd be pleased to be able to please you.

'Till next time,