Aussie Newsletter - December '67


Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend. Managers. Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp.


Box 202, P.O. BRUNSWICK. 3056. Victoria.

Honorary Members.

The Rattles. The Merseys.

Terence Stamp Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Spencer Davis Group. Nick Jones.

The Creation Jini Hendrix Experience

The Alan Price Set. John Walker.

The Cream Rolling Stones.

Marianne Faithful. The Move.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Barry Kimberley, Reger Summerill, The Five sided Circle,

Jim Slade, Stuart Jay, The Village Eyes,

Ian Sells, Ron Saywell, Knomes of Obelia,

Bob Smith, David Greenwood.


We received a newsletter from England (at last) . The girl from England sends the newsletter over by boat and it takes six weeks to arrive here. This copy is the September, October edition which is two months old. Tour. Well there's no need to mention anything about the tour except that we hope THE WHO get all the support from their fans. There will be a new L.P.release by them prior to this tour and also a new single may be issued to coincide with the tour. Kathy, our head secretary will be giving them each an identity bracelet from the Fan Club , they will cost about $35.00, so we are asking all of you to contribute something. Please send it before the 22nd. January.

RECORDS. Here is a comment made by 5 K A's Jim Slade -


Kathy has asked me to write a review of the WH0's new single and I think the best way to begin is in quoting the publicity sheet we received at Radio City with a taped copy of the record, then only three days after it had been recorded in America, - It read "Although The WHO have had a series of hits here, this is by far their best and it is predicted to No.1 in a very short tine". I can't help but have a lot of admiration for Peter Townshend's writing ability. Side "A" is a pulsating and penetrating song that is completely contrasting to the flip side and shows the versatility of Peter. In some ways, I can see a similarity to the title track of "A quick One ", and also "My Generation". With "A quick One", it is in the delivery and arrangement, and in "My Generation", the sirnilarity is in the lyrics. This is not meant as critism, but merely as an observation. On the whole it is a very good single and should be No.1 in Adelaide soon. JIM SLADE.

HONORARY. New honorary members of the Australian Fan Club are THE VILLAGE EYES, an Adelaide group who are all great WHO fans, THE FIVE SIDED CIRCLE, who think the WHO are absolutely fantastic. The first honorary members of the Victorian Fan Club are Grantly Dee and Pete Smith of 3 A K.


John's done it at last, Last June 23rd. he married Allison Wise, a girl he went to school with. She is very pretty and they make a fabulous couple. John and Allison spent their honeymoon on the Queen ELIZABETH.

They went to New York ahead of the other boys in tine for the Tour. They will live in Ealing London, in the house they bought there.


John's birthday was on the 9th. October and Kathy sent him a kangaroo skin tie which she bought while in Sydney recently.


We have a competition going this time and it is to design a Poster for THE WHO Fan Club, to which you belong. It can be any size and all entries are to be in by lOth. February, so that gives you plenty of time. The prize will be any VHO single so please get to work.


Happy Birthday to Cheryl McIlvenie who was 15 on the 24th. November and also to Gerry Hinkley. Gerry turned 18 on the 7th. December. Happy Birthday.


There has only been a few passing comments about the U.S. tour and audience reaction has been really fantastic. Keith seemed intent on being a problem child rather than a flower child on tour. The boys left for Vancoover in Canada and (you guessed it) Keith forgot his passport. He says he left it in New York, with his Laundry. Nancy Lewis, the boys New York publicist had to send it on by air freight, otherwise they wouldn't have let Keith in. But still there was trouble......... the passport didn't arrive. There they were, just below the Canadian border, complete with all their equipment, waiting for the missing package. After some tine they heard that the passport had arrived in Seattle, Washington, and their charted plane had to be diverted specially to pick it up. But their troubles were not over yet.... At the show in Vancoover, Pete managed as usual to smash his guitar, only to discover to his horror that he didn't have another one. They were playing in Salt Lake City the next night, so once again they got poor Nancy at it. She managed to get a new guitar sent to Pete in time for the show.

After they'd been on toor for about a month, Chris Stamp phoned the English Fan Club Secretary to say that they'd run out of smoke bombs , Can you imagine-No smoke bombs. So Sue organised some from the factory and was just sending off by air freight when the airline man cleared his throat behind her and said "Oh yes, what have we got here then ?" "Stage Props", Sue ventured, so he had a look and said " Bombs, - Bombs"... You can't put those things on a Plane, they'd blow the lot of us up. " She tried explaining that they wouldn't go off and were quite safe, but he didn't want to know. So back Sue went to Phone Chris and tell him the sad news. Trouble is explosives are illegal in U.S.A. or they would have bought them there. In the end they had to make do with smoke powder, which was very difficult to get and not quite so effect ive.

There have been some fantastic reports about the tour. At the end of the act when everything is demolished, Keith has just one drum left which he picks up and plays in a marching rhythm, and the others get behind him, The audience just go wild, especially in the South.

Instead of selling life lines of THE WHO and WHO STORY, I shall include them in the next News Sheet.

Until then, bye for now,

Helen Theodore.