Aussie Newsletter - Late '67

This will only be a short newsletter as we haven't received one from England yet. The Fan Club in England has changed hands and the girl who has taken over has a back log of three months letters to answer. As soon as she gets settled we hope to have one of the best run Fan Clubs in Australia.

Most of you have probably read in the papers about the success the boys had in New York. Fans travelled from all over the States to see their show, also on the bill with them were the "Hardly Worth it Players", "The Young Rascals", "Byrds", "Dion and Tommy Roe". Freddy Cannan and the Young Rascals actually went to see their act one night. For those of you who haven't heard about the electric jacket that Pete wore while in N.Y., here is something about it. It was designed by Pete and cost five hundred pounds sterling ($1,250.00). It is plain white and has fairy lights on it, they are connected to the same circuit as his guitar and for walking in the street they work off a battery. On the 14th. July, the boys started a nine week tour of the States with "Herman's Hermits.

New honorary members are the Knomes of Obelia, in case some of you do not know who they are, they are from Geelong and are making the way in Victoria.

Firstly what happened to all you "WHO" fans in the Go Set Pop Poll ? ? ?
They deserve and should have come higher than 5th. Also what happened to all you record buying public. It was such a pity that "Pictures of Lily" didn't catch on well although it was a tremendous disc. You by now must have heard "I can see for Miles". Request it as much as possible as it deserves and ought to make the top 10.

By a poll conducted recently to find the most popular Who songs, here are the results
1. My Generation. 2. I'm a Boy. 3. Substitute
4. Happy Jack. 5. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere. 6. The Kids are alright.

As far as competitions go, for the present there isn't but there will definately be one next time. If you have suggestions for a good competition please let me know as soon as possible.

It was Keith's birthday on the 23rd. August, he was 21 and John's on the 9th.October, he was 22. Our head secretary Kathy, bought John a kangaroo hide tie. It really is nice. As for Keith's present, I'm not certain yet.

Well the first Who is "out of reach". John was engaged to Allison Wise a few months ago. Allison has short black hair, brown eyes and is very slim. On the whole they make a fabulous couple and we all hope they will be happy. Kathy has sent them our congratulations and best wishes.

Happy birthday to Brian Cole member no. 6. Brian was 17 on November 4th.

The Who recorded two Stones numbers for their last record. It was dedicated to the Stones. The songs were "Under my Thumb"/ "The Last Time". However, this is not released here yet. The Who have a new L.P. out called "The best of the Who", which you may have heard. The songs on it are.

Kathy has started up branches of the fan club in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. I will be running the Victorian Fan Club, Wendy the Queensland, and Russell in Tasmania, and Chris is doing the N.S.W.

The WHO will definately be touring Australia in January along with The Small Faces, and ODDS AND ENDS.
We will very soon have lifelines of the WHO printed, also the WHO story. These will be sold for 15 cents to aid in Fan Club Funds. We hope to get WHO key rings done too, Tee Shirts with the "WHO" printed on them will soon be available in the following colours.- red-green, blue, yellow and black. They come in sizes small, medium and large. If you would like one please let me know and I will order it for you. Don't forget the size you would like. I am not sure of the price they definately won't be expensive. "WHO" badges will be available too. We will have three group Photos of The WHO 3.5" x 4.5", - 28 cents each, - 8" x 10" - 80 cents each.

If you would like to purchase anything please send me a postal note covering the cost of your order.

Anybody wanting their name to appear on the Pen Pals Page please let me know and I will get it in for you. Don't forget to include address, age and interests. Also if you have anything to ask, write to me and I will do my best to answer. Please include stamp if wanting a personal reply.

The Barron Knights have recorded "Lazy Fat People" a Pete Townshend composition - Shame about Honorary Members Paul Revere and The Raiders breaking up. Also terrible about Paul's brother being killed a few months ago - Jean Shrimpton's horse Modesty Blaise foaled and has been christened Lily. Terence Stamp suggested this after hearing "Pictures of Lily". Roger bought Keith and John's old Bentley and is having it resprayed with a picture of Lily on the boot - On the boys last trip to Germany, Keith missed his flight and had to charter a special plane, Keith badly sprained stomach muscles while playing one night and had to have an operation. Pictures of Lily went straight to number 8 on the 5 KA top 50 a week and a half after it was released, - what happened to you here in Victoria, - the highest position it reached on 3 UZ was 21.

The WHO have a new record release - an E.P. It is called "Pictures of The WHO", the songs on it are "Pictures of Lily", Doctor Doctor", "Happy Jack", " "I've been away".

HAPPY JACK. - Pete Townshend.

Happy Jack wasn't old but he was a man, he lived in the sands of the Isle of Man.
The kids would all sing, he would take the wrong key.
So they rode on his head on their furry donkey
The kids couldn't hurt Jack, they tried and tried -

They dropped things on his back and lied and lied and lied.
But they couldn't stop Jack or the waters lapping
And they couldn't stop Jack from feeling happy.

Many of you have seen the WHO song book. It is available at Allans as well as other disc. shops. It costs only 80 cents - 8 Who songs and music, plus exclusive pictures.
The songs contained are. -

Happy Jack I'm a Boy
I've been away Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere.
Substitute The Kids are Alright.
In the City My Generation.

Anyway this is all for now and till next time.

FOFN (as John Entwhistle would say ).

Helen Theodore.


BOX 202. P.O. BRUNSWICK 3056. Melbourne. Victoria.