A Quick Sell Out

This book is a sort of precursor to Andy Neill's hugely popular Anyway Anyhow Anywhere book. 
The book documents the first two years of The Who's career through a chronology of events. The text is short and
there are photos (mostly black & white) on every page, many of which were previously unpublished at the time.
The book has a self-published feel to it and was sold in a box with an arrow t-shirt and a target pin that match
the shirts John and Keith are wearing in the cover photo. The credits thank John Atkins and Olle Lundin who
have both, also written excellent books about The Who.


Year Author Size Pages Photos Publisher ISBN
1995 Andy Neill 11.5 x 11.5 in 48 every page Vinyl Experience Ltd. 978-1873884478
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was so excited when this arrived through the post.because i thought i was buying a box set of the two albums[QUICK ONE and SELL OUT] similar to the LIVE AT LEEDS limited edition 12"box.boy was i gutted.

A Quick Sell Out


A cool collectors piece but nothing really that special inside.