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Adams, Jack
Engineer at the Record Plant (recording studio in New York City) when The Who recorded there in March of 1971. This was the first attempt at recording the songs for Who?s Next / Lifehouse.
None of these recordings made it onto the Who's Next Lp.
Aldridge, Alan
Pop artist, painted the cover art of The Who's second Lp A Quick One / Happy Jack.
Altham, Keith
British music journalist (NME, Hit Parader) in the 1960's that had a good relationship with The Who.
Became a publicist for The Who.
Arbus, Dave
Musician, played violin on Baba O'Riley, also played on Daltrey solo Lp(s).
Argent, Rod
Musician, played keyboards on the Who Are You Lp
Astley, Karen
Pete Townshend's ex-wife. The 2 encountered each other at Ealing Art School.
Astley, Jon
Pete Townshend's former brother-in-law. Co-produced the Who Are You Lp in 1978.
Produced & remixed many of The Who's CD's reissued in the 1990's
Astley, Edwin (Ted)
Pete Townshend's former father-in-law.
A musician in his own right, he did the string arrangements on the Who Are You Lp.
Baverstock, Jack
Recording manager at Fontana Studios in London where The Who made their first recordings in 1964.
Barnes, Richard
An art school friend / room-mate of Pete Townshend's (Ealing Art School).
Came up with the name The Who.
Authored 2 books about The Who, Maximum R&B and The Story Of Tommy (with PT)
Barsalona, Frank
Booking agent. Started Premier Talent in the early 60's and pioneered booking of rock acts in the US.
Helped The Who's career get off the ground in the US.
Bayliss, Lilian
Actress, inspiration for the title of the song Pictures Of Lily
Blackmore, Ron
Managed The Who's 1968 tour of Australia with the Small Faces
Blake, Peter
Pop artist that influenced The Who's early pop art look (targets etc.).
Designed Lp covers for many bands including The Who & The Beatles.
Boland, Neil
Keith Moon's chauffeur / valet. Killed on Jan 4, 1970 when Keith accidentally drove over him.
Brind, Tony
Played Bass in Keith Moon's first band The Beachcombers
Brown, Arthur
Artist / musician. Became friends with PT at the UFO Club in 1967.
Released an Lp (with the hit song Fire) on Track Records (The Who's label) that was co-produced by PT in 1968.
Butler, Peter Dougal
Keith Moon's personal assistant from 1967 to 1977. Worked on The Kids Are Alright movie.
Author of 2 books about Keith: Full Moon (US) / Moon The Loon (UK) in 1971 and
Keith Moon: A Personal Portrait in 2002.
Burgess, John
A&R man at EMI Records that passed on The Who.
Charlesworth, Chris
Author of several books about The Who and (former?) writer for Melody Maker.
Worked for The Who's management (Peter Rudge) in the US, toured with The Who, co-produced some of The Who's CD reissues in the 1990's
Cleverdon, Keith
Childhood friend of Keith Moon?
Cohn, Nick
Rock journalist. PT wrote Pinball Wizard because he knew that Nick liked to play pinball and he wanted Nick to write a good review of Tommy.
Covey, Julian
Drummer that replaced Keith Moon for a May 29, 1967 gig in Scotland when Keith was ill.
He played drums for Julian Covey and the Machine, Ronnie Scott, Ronnie Ross and
the Brian Auger Trinity.
Curbishley, Bill
Friend of (former Who manager) Chris Stamp, rose up through the ranks of The Who's record label Track Records to become The Who's co-manager in the summer of 1974 (with Peter Rudge), then became The Who's only / official manager in April 1976.
D'Arcy, John
Press officer for The Who.
Davidson, Harold
Booking agent in London. The Mr. Davidson in the song Odorono.
Dawson, Colin
Singer in The Detours (while Roger Daltrey played guitar) before they become The Who.
Druce, Bob
The Detours first manager (before they became The Who) in 1963.
Produced shows with his partner Barry Foran under the name Commercial Entertainment Ltd.
Gordon, Helmut
The second manager of The Detours / The Who. A Shepherds Bush businessman (and Brian Epstein wanna-be) that sold door knobs. Hired Pete Meaden as the groups publicest (who then turned them into Mods).
Gray, Barry
Composed electronic music for films. The Who recorded a demo, the first song PT ever wrote (It Was You), in his studio in 1964.
Halpin, Scott
19 year old audience member that was pulled onto the stage to play drums with The Who at a show in San Francisco (Nov. 20, 73) after Keith Moon passed out in the middle of the set after taking horse tranquilizers.
Hanel, Ed
Author of The Who: The Illustrated Discography.
Heilpern, John
Journalist that wrote pivotal article about The Who in The Observer in 1965.
Hughes, Graham
Photographer, shot the cover art for the origional Quadrophenia Lp.
Hunt, Louis
Manager of the Oldfield Hotel where The Who played early gigs and where Keith Moon auditioned for the band.
Jackson, Ziggy
Booked talent at the Marquee Club in the 1960's.
Gave The Who a big break by booking them on consecutive Tuesday nights.
Jacobs, David
Beatles lawyer helped Lambert & Stamp wrestle The High Numbers away from Helmut Gorden.
Johns, Glyn
Record producer.
Worked as an engineer on The Who's first Lp My Geveration.
Produced Who's Next, By Numbers and Who Are You albums.
Jones, Kenny
Drummer in The Who from 1979 to 1982
Played drums in the Mod band The Small Faces in the 1960's,
then with The Faces (with Rod Stewart & Ron Wood) in the 1970's.
Keen, John 'Speedy'
Fiend of PT,
wrote Armenia, City In The Sky,
formed band Thunderclap Newman with PT and recorded an Lp with the hit Something In The Air.
Kent, Matt
Started a Who fanzine Naked Eye in the 1990's, wrote a book about The Who (Anyway Anyhow Anywhere) in 2002, worked for PT running his web site starting in 2000.
Kerrigam, Kim
Keith Moon's ex-wife, she was 16 years old when they married in 1966.
Kooper, Al
Keyboard player in The Blues Project.
Appeared on the same Murry The K show that The Who made their US debut on.
Did session work with The Who at The Record Plant in NYC in March of 1971.
Lambert, Kit
Managed The Who's rise (with Chris Stamp) from the clubs of London to the stadiums of America.
Encouraged PT to write songs, came up with the idea of a rock opera.
Langston, Cyrano (Cy)
Roadie for The Who. Stodio engineer. Played guitar on some JE solo Lps.
Macpherson, Andy
Remixed The Who catalog for the 90's reissue program.
Owns and operates Revolution Studios in Manchester, England.
McInnerney, Mike
An art school friend of Pete Townshend's (Ealing Art School).
Designed the cover art for Tommy. Introduced PT to Meher Baba (and Marijuana?)
Mike's ex-wife married Ronnie Lane (Faces) who made an Lp with PT.
Meaden, Pete
Third manager of The Detours / The Who.
Made the band into Mods to capitalize on a big Mod scene in London at the time,
changed their name to The High Numbers, wrote and released their first single.
Before The Who Meaden worked for Andrew Oldham (Rolling Stones manager) as a publicist.
After The Who managed Steve Gibbons & worked for RD's Goldhawk productions in the 70's.
Was to be involved in the Quadrophenia film but died (suicide) Aug. 7, 78.
He remained friends with The Who through the 60's & 70's, his death was a shock to the band.
Meher Baba
Indian spiritual leader of Pete Townshend.
Wrote the phrase Don't Worry Be Happy. Took a vow of silence for last 30 years of his life.
Metzke, Gustav
Auto-destructive artist that PT claimed as an influence for their guitar smashing.
Mitchener, Norman
Played guitar in Keith Moon's first band The Beachcombers.
Nicholls, Billie
Singer, appeared on PT's Who Came First Lp
Oldman, Edward
The Who's solicitor (whatever that means).
O'Rahilly, Ronan
Manager of the Scene Club where The Who played (as The High Numbers) in 1965.
Started Radio Caroline, a pirate radio station that gave The Who air play.
Otway, John
Singer / songwriter that PT admired / produced some songs for (1974?). Track Records (The Who's label) released a single that flopped. In 1977 he had a top 10 hit with Cor Baby, That's Really Free.
Papparlardi, Felix
Engineer at The Record Plant in NYC when The Who recorded there in March 1971.
Member of group Mountain. Produced Cream Lp's
Parmeinter, Chris
A&R man at Decca or Philips or Fonana records.
Chris told The Detours to sort out the drummer if they wanted to make a record.
Doug Sandom left The Detours the next week.
Phillips, 'Binky'
Biggest Who fan in the US (?)
Phillips, Simon
Drummer that played in The Who after Kenny Jones.
Played on first 2 reunion tours.
Pike, Brian
Designed The Who's famous B&W Maximum R&B poster for their Marquee club dates in 64-65.
Platz, David
Music publisher for PT in 1964
Pridden, Bob
The Who's live sound engineer / road manager since 1966.
Produced The Who's live Blues To The Bush CD in 1999.
Reed, Oliver
Actor that played Frank Hobbs in the Tommy movie in 1975.
Keith Moon's drinking buddy.
Riley, Terry
Royal, James
Aka James Nairn from the Ealing area; ran in the same circles as The Who in their Detours days.
Played in James Royal & The Hawks and The James Royal Set.
PT gave him a song to record called Blue Baby Blue. He never recorded it.
Currently lives in Australia and still owns the demo.
Rudge, Peter
Worked in The Who's management team, became their de facto manager around 1969
while Lambert & Stamp (their real managers) were running Track Records (and doing drugs).
Booked The Who's European Tommy tour of opera houses.
Moved to the US in 1973 to book / look after The Who's affairs there.
Split from The Who in April 1976 to manage Lynard Skynard & book Rolling Stones tours.
Sandom, Doug
Drummer in The Detours before Keith Moon. Ten years older than the others.
Shaw, Mike
School friend of Chris Stamp (The Who's manager). Handyman at Track Records.
On early tours he kept a note book on which towns / clubs were good to play.
Helped Lambert & Stamp wrestle The High Numbers away from Helmut Gorden.
Stamp, Chris
Co-managed The Who (with Kit Lambert) from 1965 to 1973.
Brother of actor Terrance Stamp.
Stanshall, Vivian
Friend of Keith Moon.
Stevens, Guy
Mod DJ at The Scene Club, friend of Peter Meaden. Introduced PT to a lot of US R&B music.
Stigwood, Robert
Worked in the entertainment biz in the 60's & 70's.
Started Reaction Records to release Who material after The Who split with Shel Talmy.
Helped produce the movie version of Tommy in 1973.
Talmy, Shel
Music producer from the US. Produced big hits for the Kinks (You Really Got Me) then for The Who.
Produced The Who's first Lp and first few singles (including My Generation).
He wanted too much controal over The Who so the band had to pay him off to get out of their contract.
Townshend, Betty
Pete Townshends mother. Sang in Swing/Dance bands in the 40s, 50s & 60s.
Drove The Who to gigs in their very early days.
Townshend, Cliff
Pete Townshends father. Played in Swing/Dance bands in the 40s, 50s & 60s.
Townshend, Simon
One of Pete Townshends younger brothers. Simon is 12 years younger. Like his parents and brother he is a musician as well. Simon played guitar on the 2002 tour.
Townson, Chris
Drummer that replaced Keith Moon for 4 UK dates (June 3-10, 1967) when Keith was ill.
He played drums for John's Children.

Walter-Lax, Annette
Keith Moon's girlfriend. They were engaged when Keith died.
Welch, Chris
Jurnalist, wrote a biography of (The Who's manager) Kit Lambert.
West, Leslie
Guitarest for the band Mountain. Played guitar on some Who recordings made at The Record Plant, NYC in March of 1971.
Williams, Chris
Press officer for The Who (or Decca?) in 1965.
Wise, Alison
John Entwistle's first wife / childhood sweetheart.
Wolff, John (Wiggy)
Started out as JE's chauffeur, then became The Who's tour manager (67), ran day to day operations of Track Records (The Who's label) in the late 60's, also worked as lighting tech.
Wright, Tom
In 1962 Tom and PT became friends while attending Ealing Art School together.
Tom introduced PT to two important things: marijuana and American jazz, blues and R&B.
When Tom got deported he left his record collection; the collection had a great influence on PT.
Later in the US Tom toured with The Who as their photographer then their tour manager in 1967.
His photos are currently housed at St Edward's University in Austin, Texas.