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Amsterdam 1969

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This list of ROIO (Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin) is comprised of recordings that originated from analog tape or digital formats (in later years). It is the intent of this page to include all known live recorings. These recordings were made available through tape or CD-R trading. It is not my desire to list the generation of each tape or CD, mainly because it is unknown in most cases. However an original recording is usually known as the Master and a copy of that is a 1st generation and a copy of that is a 2nd generation and so on. Obviously the desire is to have a 1st or 2nd generation recording. With CD-Rs it is the hope that the generation is not significant and a digital copy is as good as the original.

Much thanks goes to “Skeets” for his tape collection which was procured by the “Whoking”.

The live recordings herein are listed by Decade then by Year and date, and are not necessarily tied to any specific CD or LP bootleg “title”.


Created on Saturday, 17 May, 1997

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