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Roger Daltrey  Discography and Lyrics

Released on MCA 328 (Gatefold Cover) USA
Released on April, 1973
Album reaches #45 in US charts.  Single "Giving It All Away" #83

Track Listing
Side One: One Man Band, The Way of the World, You Are Yourself, Thinking, You and Me.
Side Two: Hard Life, Giving it All Away, The Story So Far, When the Music Stops, Reasons, One Man Band (reprise).

Ride A Rock Horse
Released on MCA 2147 (USA)
Released in June, 1975.
Album reaches #28 in US charts. Includes Poster & Track list insert.

Track Listing
Side One: Get Your Love, Hearts Right, Oceans Away, Proud, World Over.
Side Two: Near to Surrender, Feeling, Walking the Dog, Milk Train, Born to Sing Your Song.

Released on A&M SP 4546. (USA)
Released on October, 1975.

Original USA Album Track Listing (Roger Daltrey lead vocal songs in Blue)
Side One: Rienzi/Chopsticks Fantasia, Love's Dream, Dante Period, Orpheus Song, Hell.
Side Two: Hibernation, Excelsior Song, Master Race, Rape Pillage & Clap, Funerailles, Free Song, Peace At Last.

One Of The Boys
Released on MCA 2271 (USA)
Released on June, 1977. Includes order form.
Album reaches #46 in US charts. Single "Avenging Annie" #88.

Track Listing
Side One: Parade, Single Man's Dilemma, Avenging Annie, Prisoner, Leon.
Side Two: One of the Boys, Giddy, Say It Ain't So Joe, Written on the Wind, Satin and Lace, Doing It All Again.

McVicar  "Original soundtrack to The Who film".
Released on Polydor PD-1-6284 (USA)
Released on June,1980.
Album reaches #22 in US charts. Singles "Free Me" #53 , "Waiting For A Friend" #104, "Without Your Love" #20.

Track Listing
Side One: Bitter & Twisted, Just A Dream Away, Escape Pt. 1, White City Lights, Free Me.
Side Two: My Time Is Gonna Come, Waiting For A Friend, Escape Pt. 2, Without Your Love, McVicar.

Best Bits
Released on MCA 5301  (Canada)
Released on March, 1982.
Album Reaches # 185 in the US charts. Tracks "Martyrs And Madmen" And "Treachery"  previously unreleased.

Track Listing
Side One: Martyrs and Madmen, Say It Ain't So Joe, Oceans Away, Treachery, Free Me, Without Your Love.
Side Two: Hard Life, Giving It All Away, Avenging Annie, Proud, You Put Something Better Inside Me

Lyrics to Martyrs And Madmen" And "Treachery"
Parting Should Be Painless
Released on Atlantic 80128-1 (USA)
Released in 1984.
Album reaches #102 in US charts. Single "Walking In My Sleep" #56.

Track Listing
Side One: Walking In My Sleep, Parting Would Be Painless, Is There Anyone Out There, Would A Stranger Do, Going Strong
Side Two: Looking For You, Somebody Told Me, One Day, How Does The Cold Wind Cry, Don't Wait On The Stairs.

Under A Raging Moon
Released on Atlantic 81269-1 (USA)
Released in 1985.
Album reached #42 in US charts. Single "After The Fire" #48.

Original USA Album Track Listing
Side One: After The Fire, Don't Talk To Strangers, Breaking Down Paradise, The Pride You Hide, Move Better In The Night.
Side Two: Let Me Down Easy, Fallen Angel, It Don't Satisfy Me, Rebel, Under A Raging Moon.

Can't Wait To See The Movie
Released on Atlantic 81759 (USA)
Released on June, 1987. This album failed to reach any commercial success. (Sorry Roger!!!)

Track Listing
Side One: Hearts Of Fire, When The Thunder Comes, Ready For Love, Balance On Wires, Miracle Of Love.
Side Two: Price Of Love, Heart Has Its Reasons, Alone In The Night, Lover's Storm, Take Me Home.

Rocks In The Head  (CD)
Released on Atlantic 7 82359-2 (USA)
Released in 1992.

Track Listing: Who's Gonna Walk on Water, Before My Time Is Up, Times Changed , You Can't Call It Love, Mirror Mirror, Perfect World,
Love Is, Blues Man's Road, Everything a Heart Could Ever Want (Willow) Days of Light, Unforgettable Opera .

Roger Daltrey A Celebration The Music of Pete Townshend and The Who (CD)
Released on Continuum 19402 (USA)
Released in 1994

Roger Daltrey celebrates his 50th birthday in style at this 1994 Carnegie Hall show by performing the songs of The Who
with the help of his old bandmates plus several additional guests.

Track Listing: Overture, Pinball Wizard, Imagine a Man, Doctor Jimmy, The Song Is Over, The Real Me, Baba O'Riley,
After the Fire, 5:15, The Sea Refuses No River, Who Are You, Won't Get Fooled Again.

Martyrs & Madmen (The Best Of Roger Daltrey) (CD)
Released on Rhino Records R2 72846 USA (CD)
Released 1997.

CD Track Listing: One Man Band, It's a Hard Life, Giving It All Away, Thinking, World Over, Oceans Away, One of the Boys,
Avenging Annie, Say It Ain't So Joe, Parade, Free Me, Without Your Love,  Waiting for a Friend, Walking in My Sleep,
Parting Would Be Painless, After the Fire,  Let Me Down Easy, The Pride You Hide, Under a Raging Moon [Single Version],
Lover's Storm .
Roger Daltrey Moonlighting "The Anthology" (CD)
Released on Sanctuary SMEDO 013 (UK) 2 CD set
Released 2005.
This CD contains a previously unreleased studio song called, "A Second Out", a previously unreleased live version of "Born To Run" and contains some obscure rarities (studio and live).

CD Track Listing
Disc One: One Man Band, The Way Of The World, Thinking, There Is Love, Giving It All Away, Get Your Love, World Over, Proud, Dear John, Avenging Annie, One Of The Boys, Martyrs And Madmen,
Say It Ain't So Joe, Bitter And Twisted, Free Me, Without Your Love, Waiting For A Friend, Parting Would Be Painless, After The Fire, Under A Raging Moon (edit version).

Disc Two: Behind Blue Eyes (live), Won't Get Fooled Again (live), Quicksilver Lightning, Lover's Storm,  Mack The Knife, The Pig Must Die, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Rock And Roll,
Who's Gonna Walk On Water?, Love Is, Blues Man Road, Baba O'Riley (live), Pinball Wizard (live), The Real Me (live), Child O Mine, Born To Run (live), A Second Out.