Glow Girl (Pete Townshend) Towser Tunes, Inc./Fabulous Music Ltd./ABKCO Music, Inc. (BMI)

[Recorded at IBC Studio A January 13, 1968 with overdubs recorded at the same studio February 11, 1968 and final mix at Gold Star Studios, Los Angeles February 26, 1968.]

Previously released on the album Odds and Sods in October, 1974. In Pete's notes that accompanied Odds and Sods, he wrote "It's a rock and roll airplane crash song with a real Pop Art plane crash and a happy reincarnation ending...I rarely leave any good idea unused. 'Rael' themes crop up in Tommy and so do the last lines of this. Of course, Tommy was a dear little boy."

[This track was originally to have been a single in early 1968, then was to have been the kickoff track to the never-completed Who's For Tennis? LP. The ending is not faded out as it was on the original Odds and Sods LP.]

From the "Odds & Sods" liner notes by Brian Cady.

Produced by Kit Lambert at De Lane Lea Studios, London, January 1968.

"I tried to write an archetypal rock single; the Shangri-Las type thing, the Jan and Dean type thing. The car crashes, the motorcycle goes over the cliff, 'Oh no! and then there's a little spoken part: 'and then I went to the cemetary and I prayed over his grave'. Well, it was a reincarnation song and it was about a plane crash and two kids on an aeroplane and they realize that the plane's crashing. The reincarnation ploy comes at the end, where you hear 'It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl. When I came to write Tommy, I picked up that phrase and used it as the opening. Thats how Tommy became Tommy Walker, just because in this song which was worked on two years before, we had a little girl."
--Pete Townshend

Written during a horrible plane flight into Chattanooga, Tennessee August 14, 1967. It was intended first as a single in early 1968, then the lead-off song for the never completed Who's For Tennis? LP, then as the lead off track for Tommy before Pete dropped the opera's reincarnation angle.

Track 9 on the 1998 Odds & Sods CD in a complete version with a hard ending at 2'24 instead of the fade out on the original LP.

Separates and lingerie, seven pairs of shoes,
Lots of Woolworth's makeup, a pair of Black Watch trews,
Your out-of-tune piano, sentimental photographs,
A million little memories, a million little laughs.

The wing of the airplane has just caught on fire,
I say without reservation we ain't getting no higher.

All you wanted from me, all I had to give,
Nothing matters you'll see, when in paradise you live,
The plane is diving faster, we're getting near the ground,
Nobody is screaming, no one makes a sound.

It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl.

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
Odds & Sods 2:26
The Who Sell Out - reissue 2:45
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