Helpless Dancer (Pete Townshend) Fabulous Music, Ltd.

Pete Townshend: "We get a real look at where the aggression comes from. Jimmy has a conscience that bites fairly deeply. His frustration with the world only makes him more angry, even bitter."  

The version of this song on the 1973 tour featured live horn work by John. It was dropped for the last three shows of the 1973 North American tour and not revived until 1996.

(Roger's theme) When a man is running from his boss
Who hold a gun that fires "cost"
And people die from being cold
Or left alone because they're old
And bombs are dropped on fighting cats
And children's dreams are run with rats
If you complain you disappear
Just like the lesbians and queers
No one can love without the grace
Of some unseen and distant face
And you get beaten up by blacks
Who though they worked still got the sack
And when your soul tells you to hide
Your very right to die denied
And in the battle on the streets
You fight computers and receipts
And when a man is trying to change
But only causes further pain
You realize that all along
Something in us going wrong...

You stop dancing.

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Source Length notes
Quadrophenia 2:33
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