It's Your Turn (John Entwistle) Hot Red Music (BMI)

Rhythm guitar: Andy Fairweather-Low

John: "It's not very often that The Who have words with a lot of humor in, so you've got to think seriously about things. Roger suggested a few subjects and I hit on a couple of the subjects he suggested and I tried to write seriously but I still find it difficult."

There is a note on the inner sleeve of the album that says, "John thanks Roger and Pete for help on subject matter and lyrics." Pete, however, does not remember giving John any help on his songs. Fairweather-Low had performed backing vocals on the Who Are You album and was invited by Roger to play guitar during rehearsals while they waited for Pete to get out of rehab. The 1997 re-mix adds an echo to Roger's voice at the conclusion of the song that wasn't present in the original version. Click here to see the original lyric sheet: It's Your Turn

Up here on the ledge
I'm getting pushed to the edge
People line up behind me to step into my shoes,
Up here in the precipice
I'm getting close to my nemesis
People fighting each other to jump into my blues

There's a young kid inside me somewhere
He stays up all night, a vampire that never dies,
With the blood and the moon in his eyes
I hear his voice when I'm comin' down,
Sleep is for fools, whe never see the sunrise,
Who never get to live twice.

I was a face in a magazine,
When you were still playin' with your plasticine,
Now you're doggin' my tail, ridin' the slipstream,
You can take the fans and the enemies
The little girls who squeeze and tease
Then pass on their social disease,
Go get your penicillin.

I know you young and dumb,
I know where you're comin' from.
Don't know where you're goin' to,
But I bin there same as you,
You're running out of ideas,
And new hats to try on.
I know you middle age
Same song, different page,
I know what you're goin' through
Made the same mistakes as you,
All you want is some hope
And a shoulder to cry on.

There's a stranger inside me somewhere
That shadow behind me, don't even look like me.
An echoed apology.
He's a wolf in sheep disguise,
I wake up in places I don't even recognize,
Pretender in paradise.

It's your turn, step up and take it
If you've got the guts to hang on
You can make.
C'mon, c'mon, come on,
Ooooh take it!

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It's Hard 3:40
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