Jaguar (Pete Townshend) Towser Tunes, Inc. (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Kit Lambert at IBC Studio A October 20, 1967.
Lead vocal by Keith Moon. Chorus vocal by Pete Townshend.

Pete: "[The Who Sell Out] started with this number I'd written called 'Jaguar'...We thought of using a powerful instrumental number that we made for Coca-Cola, and then I linked it up with the number 'Jaguar,' and then of course, we thought, 'Why not do a whole side of adverts?'

This track was cut from the final release of The Who Sell Out at the very end of recording, almost certainly for "Sunrise." Previously released only in an edited version on Thirty Years of Maximum R&B.

Grace space race.

Everything they've seen you have seen,
Everywhere they've been you have been,
Everything they've done you have been and done already.

Every lovely spot near or far,
You can reach them too in your car,
Or you might be there now if you own a jag already.

The radio blasting, the girls are glancing,
The ????? dancing with gleaming eyes.

Grace space race.
Grace space race.
Jaguar, jaguar, jaguar, jaguar.

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