My Generation-Land Of Hope And Glory (Pete Townshend/Edward Elgar) TRO-Devon Music, Inc. (BMI)

From the A Quick One liner notes by Chris Charleworth with additions by Brian Cady:

Recorded at IBC Studios, London Oct. 14, 1966.

This previously unreleased recording of 'My Generation' was originally intended as a mime track for the Ready Steady Who! television special that aired Oct. 21, 1966. Keith Moon's snare drum sound has never been bettered. The urbane Kit Lambert can be heard offering his opinion at the climax: "That's perfect!"

This take was rejected for another take that melded "My Generation" and "Rule Britannia." The Who smashed their instruments at the end, prompting many horrified complaints in the press. Very unfortunately, no copies of that take, or the programme itself, seem to have survived.

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A Quick One - CD Reissue 2:05
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