Smash The Mirror (Pete Townshend) BMG Music o/b/o Towser Tunes, Fabulous Music, ABKCO (BMI)

Original lyrics: "Why do you stare into that mirror? You seem to see yourself but not us all. I know what I'm going to do with that mirror, fix you once and for all. Smash it!"

In an early song list, this song was followed by "Lost Chord (Dream)."


You don't answer my call
With even a nod or a twitch
But you gaze at your own reflection!
You don't seem to see me
But I think you can see yourself.
How can the mirror affect you?

Can you hear me
Or do I surmise?
That you fear me can you feel my temper

Do you hear or fear or
Do I smash the mirror.
Do you hear of fear or
Do I smash the mirror? SMASH!

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
Tommy 1:35
Join Together 1:09 Live
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 1:16 Live
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