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Discography > Songs > Why Did I Fall For That

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Why Did I Fall For That
Pete Townshend

The streets of the future littered with remains
Of both the fools and the so called brains
The whole prediction is enough to kill
But only God knows if it won't or it will
Nobody knows why we fell so flat
Some silly creature said we'd never crack
Most would just survive and then bounce back
But the rest are crying "Why'd I fall for that crap"
Why did I fall for that?

So many rash promises sincerly made
By people who believed that we were being saved
They made us all believe that we were acting white
But the truth is we've forgotten how we used to fight
Nobody knows why we fell so flat
We're impotent and neutered like whining cats
We've found the piper but we've lost the rats
But the kids are crying "Why'd I fall for that dad?"
Why did you fall?

It never rains under my umbrella

Four minutes to midnight on a sunny day
Maybe if we smile the clock'll fade away
Maybe we can force the hands to just reverse
Maybe a word, maybe maybe is a curse
Nobody knows why we fell so flat
We've never been taught to fight or to face up to facts
We simply believe that we'd remain intact
But history is asking why did you fall for that
Why did you fall?

Why did I fall for that
Why did I fall for that
Why did I fall for that

This song appears on the following albums:
It's Hard(1982)

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