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Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page

Amsterdam 1969

Closer To Queen Mary (CD) Fillmore East 6 April 1968 (CD) Last Stand With Keith Moon (CD)

Reference Sources

  1. The Who: An Illustrated Discography by Ed Hanel
    (ISBN 0.86001.810.5 Omnibus Press)
  2. Though long outdated, I still highly recommend this book. It lists regular WHO and solo
    releases from the U.K./ U.S./ Canada, Germany and many other countries, as well as
    vinyl and tape bootlegs up to 1981 and provides more detail than most other source,
    however, this book does not list CDs.

    This book has been reissued and is again available.

  3. Hot Wacks: The Last Wacks - Hot Wacks Book XV as well as; Supplements 1, 2, 3,
    4, 5 & 6. (ISBN 0-96980 80-3-8, Fourth Printing May 1995 (Hot Wacks Press, P.O.Box
    544 Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5R1 CANADA, Fax 519-376-9449)
  4. This series of books list in brief detail information such as LP / CD titles, track lists,
    labels, index #'s, sound quality and any other details (if known). Supplements are
    periodically issued.

    A “must have” for all serious bootleg collectors!

  5. Live! Music Review
    (November 1996, Master-File 1993-1995 and Master-File #2, 1995 - 1997 issues
    et al.)
  6. This is one of the best and most current reference sources for new CD releases, re-
    releases, book titles as well as what's coming, inclusive reviews.

    * Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page™ has been informed that as of July 9, 2000 Live! Music
    has ceased operations. This may leave ICE magazine as the only remaining
    periodical regularly reviewing bootlegs.

  7. Record Collector magazine, November 2000, No. 255
  8. Have given their kind permission to display this article on Baba O’Riley’s Bootleg

  9. The Bootleg Who Recordings web site
  10. NOTE: Any selections previously referenced from this Webpage were denoted with an *

    It has not been my intention to plagiarize, steal or in any other way misappropriate or
    misrepresent the use of this information without giving credit to the site from which it
    was referenced. This page contained several items on CD I had neither seen nor heard
    of previously and the list appeared to be quite accurate as I have since been able to
    personally document several items listed here.

    Since that time, I have verified and documented the existence of all items initially
    referenced from this page (approx. 15 CD's) and all items on Baba O'Riley's Bootleg
    have been credited either to the original source or its contributor. However, it
    should be noted that the Bootleg Who Recordings web page served as the initial
    inspiration for this web page and is hereby acknowledged and duly credited.

  11. The Who Concert File
    (1997 Omnibus Press ISBN: 0.7119.6316.9, order No: OP 47879)
  12. Thanks to Joe McMichael and “IrishJack Lyons, the authors of this published book, it
    is now possible to more accurately identify shows and the origin of several recordings.
    This is a great and invaluable resource packed with concert dates and notes about
    many shows including studio recording sessions and TV appearances adding yet
    another dimension to “THE WORLD’S GREATEST ROCK 'N ROLL BAND” for fans and
    collectors alike. and please visit “Irish” Jack's Page at!


 Individual Contributors

  •  Joe Giorgianni
  •  Aaron B. - USA
  •  Andrew P. - Scotland
  •  Ben K. (Live Recordings Lists)
  •  Brian C. - USA
  •  Dave Van Staveren - Killer tape page which which is sorely missed...
  •  Dennis Bowler - Australia
  •  DN Campos - USA
  •  Focco B - The Netherlands
  •  Genaro A. - Italy
  •  Gerry L. - USA
  •  J & J Records (for great company, great tunes and friendship)
  •  Kevin B. - USA
  •  Klemens Jaeger - webmaster of "The Who Concert Guide"
  •  Lars Van K. - Netherlands
  •  Luke Pacholski - USA (GREAT Live At Leeds comparison).
  •  Matt W. - USA
  •  Owen Gwilliam
  •  Paul A. - USA
  •  Pjah - USA
  •  Russ & Iris - super nice folks who inadvertently became my "financial advisors" on
     any given weekend.
  •  Scott Smith (my gracious host, webmaster of whom I’ve probably driven
     to drink and then to the brink of madness).
  •  Steve “The Mod” - USA
  •  Thomas Schmidt - Germany
  •  Tom Krol
  •  Tony D. - USA
  •  Wes Biggs - USA
  •  Last but not least, a sincere THANK YOU from me to all of you who have
    taken the time and put forth the effort to send me new information not previous-
    ly listed and / or have sent additional comments and information as well as
    cover scans and digital photographs in helping to identify the existence, origin /
    authenticity, quality and various other aspects of the CDs, CD-Rs and LPs.



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