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Who Gear: Museum pieces

A work-in-progress overview of the The Who’s instruments featured at museums, restaurants, etc. If you have updates and/or photos, please contact us. Please note: venues like the Hard Rock tend to move their collections around with regularity, so please do not rely on this page for necessarily current information.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hard Rock Cafés

Hard Rock Café Vault, London, England
Takamine EN-10C. Serial Number 84041044
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe – with with original pickups replaced, and typical extra pickup modifications and switches. (This was the second guitar given to Hard Rock, with Eric Clapton’s being the first.
Black Fenderbird bass (plaque: “This hybrid Fender-Gibson bass was used by John on stage and in the studio from 1973 to 1976. This instrument reflects John’s longstanding interest in creating a superior bass from a variety of guitar manufacturers.
Hard Rock Memorabilia Warehouse
Hiwatt CP103 amplifier, serial no. 852(?). Previously at Hard Rock Museum, Orlando, Fla.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Silver tom tom from Keith Moon’s collection circa 1969–75
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Keith Moon’s bassdrum
Stockholm, Sweden
Pete Townshend. A Gibson SG smashed on stage by Pete.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA
Brown Fender Stratocaster guitar played by Pete Townshend in 1989 on the Who’s 25th Anniversary tour of America.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
John Entwistle used this brown violin bass guitar in the famous Who film Tommy scored by Pete Townshend.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
A natural finish Kent guitar, destroyed by Pete Townshend on stage and then thrown into the audience during a performance in New York around 1968.
San Diego, California, USA
Schecter Telecaster guitar with B-Bender used by Pete Townshend for the song “Eminence Front.” (no longer on display, as of 2013)
Orlando, Florida, USA
Pete Townshend smashed this 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar accidentally, at Newcastle Odeon on November 7, 1973. He threw it in the air and missed on the way down. Oops! Photo courtesy
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
1965 Gibson Firebird XII in Pelham Blue: 12-string Green 1965 Gibson Firebird 12-string guitar. One of only 272 ever made, played by Pete Townshend on the Tommy soundtrack. Find it on the wall just past the restrooms. Photo courtesy
Sydney, Australia
John Entwistle’s custom-painted bass. One of only six custom paint jobs on his guitars. This unique paint job is the only one of its kind.
Bristol (Bar), England
This Status Buzzard bass was purchased as part of John’s “Flock of Buzzards,” which was a road case that contained five status Buzzard basses custom made for John. This bass and the other four were used both for live work with The Who and The John Entwistle band.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Gibson acoustic guitar, signed by Pete – “Pete Townshend, November 1992,…To music – the ultimate therapy.” Purchased at the Silver Clef Award Dinner charity auction.
La Jolla, California, USA
John Entwistle played this french horn on the Tommy album in 1969.
Manchester, England
White Gibson SG guitar signed by Pete.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
John Entwistle, Nicknamed “the Ox,” played this Fender Precision bass guitar in 1969 while recording tracks for the hit opera Tommy.
Miami, Florida, USA
Microphone stand used by bass player John Entwistle, custom-fitted with beverage squeeze bottle.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Pete Townshend, blue Rickenbacker guitar.
Seoul, South Korea
John Entwistle signed this Alembic bass.
Washington, D.C., USA
Pete Townshend signed this red Fender Telecaster, “To my Hard Rock buddies.”
San Francisco, California, USA
Alex Axe 6/12 doubleneck. This guitar was used on Rough Mix.
New York, USA
Gold Schecter Telecaster
Peter Cook “Lightning Bolt” custom bass
Las Vegas (Hotel), Nevada, USA
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (#9)
Dallas, Texas, USA
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (#1), as of 2007.
Dublin, Ireland
Status Buzzard 8-string (h/t Mikey Reed)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Body of black Giffin telecaster. The plaque incorrectly states that the guitar was smashed at the Chicago Auditorium on 17 August 1971.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
John Entwistle Alembic Exploiter bass guitar, as of September 2013.