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Pete’s Gear: Lazy J 20 amplifier

30 March 2010, Royal Albert Hall

30 March 2010, at the Royal Albert Hall, with Lazy J “stack” next to one Fender Vibro-King combo/extension cab stack, and another Vibro-King facing toward the drumkit. Guitar is Fender Eric Clapton model Stratocaster.

Beginning with the 30 March 2010 Royal Albert Hall gig, Pete has used a Lazy J Model 20 amplifier and matching extension cab alongside the Fender Vibro-King amplifiers. (Vibro-Kings appear to also be on line, but shielded behind plexiglass.)

The amplifier is a copy of a tweed Fender Deluxe, and are made to order by Lazy J Projects in the UK. The amp is 18 watts, two channels, with one 12″ Celestion Blue Alnico speaker.

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